This screen shot (click to enlarge) shows a fractal window with the Layer Properties, Fractal Properties, and Fractal Mode tool windows on the right. The Explore feature is active for the Trap Center parameter, with the Fractal Mode tool window showing a live preview as the mouse cursor moves over the Explore window.

This screen shot (click to enlarge) shows the gradient editor, while the opacity of the gradient is being adjusted. On the right, different tabs of the Layer Properties and Fractal Properties tool windows are visible. The Fractal Mode tool window shows help on the control under the mouse cursor, in this case the gradient curves.

This is a screen shot (click to enlarge) of a typical animation editing session. The Timeline tool window shows an overview of the animation structure and animation keys. Note also the time slider and animation controls at the bottom. (Extended Edition only)

Finally, this screen shot (click to enlarge) displays the built-in formula editor with syntax highlighting and other features that are designed to help you to edit formulas and plug-ins efficiently. The Layer Properties tool window shows the Orbit Traps plug-in, containing various plug-ins of its own.

"Ultra Fractal's capabilities seem quite awesome — possibly it could become the 'Photoshop' of fractal programs? The interface is a joy to behold and could hardly be bettered."
Les St Clair

"It’s got all everything I wanted (...). In less than two minutes of downloading, I was watching an avi."
Eric Williams

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