What's new in Ultra Fractal 5?

Here is an overview of the most important new features.

Layer groups

With the new layer groups feature, you can organize layers in groups, which makes fractals with many layers easier to work with. Because a layer group has a separate merge mode, this also makes new creative merging effects possible.

Select multiple layers

You can now select multiple layers and edit them together by Ctrl-clicking or Shift-clicking in the layers list in the Fractal Properties tool window. For example, you can easily move or delete multiple layers, apply a new fractal formula, or edit parameters that all selected layers share. Likewise, it is also possible to select multiple transformations in the Mapping tab of the Layer Properties tool window. This makes it much easier to work with fractals that have many layers or transformations.

Image import

Import PNG, JPEG or BMP images in your fractals with the new image import feature. Simply select a coloring algorithm that contains an image parameter, and you can select any image on your computer to use.

The coloring algorithm determines how the information from the image is used. For example, the standard Image coloring algorithm just displays the entire image in the fractal window.

Formula plug-ins

Formulas in Ultra Fractal can now use plug-ins. Like regular formulas, plug-ins can be written by formula authors within Ultra Fractal. Because you can select the plug-ins that you want to combine with the formula yourself, this is a very powerful way to extend the capabilities of a formula after it has been published. It can really change the way you work with Ultra Fractal.

For more information, see Plug-ins in the Ultra Fractal help file. (If you are a formula author and you want to incorporate plug-ins in your own formulas, see New compiler features.)

Browser thumbnails

The browser now includes a thumbnail view for formulas, parameter sets, fractals and gradients that gives a great overview of the available items.

Even better, when you select a new formula, transformation, coloring or plug-in for a fractal, the previews are based on the current layer, showing exactly how the layer would look if that formula or plug-in was selected.

Formula ratings

To help you choose between the thousands of available formulas, Ultra Fractal now contains a rating system for formulas that makes it easy to see which formulas you should try first, and which are no longer recommended to use.

And much more

Ultra Fractal 5 contains many more large and small improvements. For a complete overview, see What's New in the Ultra Fractal help file.

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"Under the hood, Ultra Fractal 5 packs a major foundational change in the way fractal formulas are written, a change that will — once mastered by users — break down constraining walls that many fractal artists didn't even know were there."
Damien Jones

"From the beginning of my work with Ultra Fractal, I knew it was an altogether different approach to fractal creation because it placed complete control of the image in my hands."
Janet Parke

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