Ultra Fractal 4.04 release notes

Ultra Fractal 4.04, released on April 12, 2007, is a free upgrade for Ultra Fractal 4 with bug fixes and enhancements. This is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed help file access and various visual problems, such as disappearing controls, when running on Windows Vista.
  • When dragging a tool window around and in/out of the dock bar, the contents of the tool window will now remain visible. Over the dock bar, a partially transparent blue rectangle is now drawn instead of a framed border.
  • Fixed flickering when resizing the main window.
  • Fixed a security bug in the Ultra Fractal server application that could cause the server to crash with an out of memory error when trying to access it with a web browser. (Animation Edition only.)
  • Ultra Fractal now correctly initializes the Minimum number of threads option in the Fractal tab of the Options dialog to the number of processors or cores that is installed, which enables the program to take advantage of dual-core systems automatically.


Download the free Ultra Fractal 4.04 upgrade
For technical support, you can also contact the author of Ultra Fractal via e-mail at .


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