Ultra Fractal 4.03 release notes

Ultra Fractal 4.03, released on May 31, 2006, is a free upgrade for Ultra Fractal 4 with bug fixes and some enhancements. This is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Changes and bug fixes

  • Improved the preview when panning, rotating, or zooming in the fractal window (with Ctrl/Alt/Shift-dragging) so it matches the resulting fractal much better. It used to be several pixels off which made small changes difficult to judge.
  • The Explore and Eyedropper previews in the Mode tool window now ignore the opacity setting of the layer and always show a non-transparent preview for easier viewing.
  • When renaming files or entries in the list view in the browser, the scroll position of the list no longer resets to the top, possibly scrolling the just renamed entry out of view.
  • Fixed bug that caused the transparency of mask layers to be enabled when duplicating a fractal or loading a parameter set, regardless of the original value.
  • Fixed bug when loading gradients from a parameter set with multiple control points at the same position. This could sometimes swap the order of the control points.
  • Fixed spurious Key Change events in the History tab of the Fractal Properties tool window. This also fixes the minor problem that the fractal window would not be cleared before starting the calculation upon reloading a formula or selecting a different formula.
  • Fixed oldz() routine behavior when passing values outside the valid [0..#numiter] range. This now returns (0,0) instead of a random value as documented in the help file.
  • Fixed a crash and incorrect behavior that could occur with arbitrary precision calculations in rare cases.
  • Fixed browser crash that could occur on systems with non-standard drive descriptions.
  • Fixed vertical black line in Kaleidoscope in Standard.uxf by applying the newer version from dmj.uxf. Note: Installing Ultra Fractal 4.03 will not replace your existing version of Standard.uxf because the installer will not overwrite files in the Formulas folder. If you want the newer version, first delete your copy of Standard.uxf, and then reinstall Ultra Fractal 4.03.
  • Fixed a layer merge bug that caused the opacity of the bottom layer in the layers list to be ignored if that layer had transparency enabled and a mask layer attached to it.
  • Fixed error messages in the Timeline tool window when changing the frame number of a key above frame 1000 using the up/down buttons next to the frame number input box. (Animation Edition only.)
  • Fixed incorrect scaling and positioning of controls and dialogs on Japanese (and possibly other localized) Windows versions.
  • Changed license key verification code so it will also work on Linux with WINE (see www.winehq.com).


Download the free Ultra Fractal 4.03 upgrade
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