Keyboard shortcuts for fractal windows

The following keyboard shortcuts apply to fractal windows:

Shortcut Menu command Description
Ctrl+A File|Save Parameters Saves a parameter set describing the fractal. See Parameter files.
Ctrl+E File|Export Image Exports the fractal as an image. See Exporting and rendering.
Ctrl+Z Edit|Undo Undoes the last action. See Fractal history.
Ctrl+Y Edit|Redo Cancels the last Undo command.
Ctrl+C Edit|Copy Copies the parameter text of the fractal to the Clipboard. See Copying and pasting.
Ctrl+I Edit|Copy Image Copies the image of the fractal to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+V Edit|Paste Pastes the contents of the Clipboard into the fractal.
F4 Fractal|Gradient Shows the gradient editor to edit the colors of the fractal.
F9 Fractal|Zoom In Zooms in to the center.
F10 Fractal|Zoom Out Zooms out of the center.
Ctrl+F Fractal|Full Screen Shows the fractal in full-screen mode.
F5 Fractal|Normal Mode Selects Normal mode for zooming, panning, and rotating by dragging the mouse.
F6 Fractal|Select Mode Selects Select mode for zooming using a zoom box.
F7 Fractal|Switch Mode Selects Switch mode for switching to a related fractal type.
Ctrl+R Fractal|Render to Disk Adds the fractal to the queue of render jobs. See Rendering images.
Ctrl+1..4 Right-click, Gradient|Randomize Randomizes the gradient of the active layer.
Ctrl+J Right-click, Gradient|Adjust Colors Adjusts the colors of the active layer.
Right-click, Gradient|Cycle Colors Cycles the colors in the active layer.
Ctrl+arrow keys - Pans the fractal in steps of one pixel.
Shift+Ctrl+arrow keys - Pans the fractal in steps of ten pixels.

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